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Curiosity, originality, and quality.

In 2017, La Pink Rose was founded with these values but our story does not begin there.

Two years prior, our founder, Qiyamah Saleem, began exploring the world of skincare and soapmaking. Around this time, she also discovered that her younger sister, Qahirah had eczema. As her sister’s eczema became more severe, finding products that wouldn’t harm her skin became challenging. It became even harder as she aged and begged for cute products she saw on TV or in-stores that were for her sensitive skin. To solve this problem, 17-year-old Qiyamah used her skincare knowledge to create eye-catching products that are safe for all skin types. Her first products were our best selling donut soaps and whipped body butter. With support from family and friends, Qiyamah founded La Pink Rose.


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